Additional services

DAY STAY & PLAY  We also offer ‘Doggy Day Play’ a Daycare service for dogs which enables your dog to play, interact and gain confidence with other dogs in a safe, supervised environment.

HYDROBATH  A dog bath in warm water with hydrojet nozzles to ensure all dirt is removed from the coat (herbal flea rinse optional)

NAIL CUTTING  Available on request

CATTERY  We also have a private cattery for your feline friend, away from the dogs – Find out more……

Our peaceful Cattery is situated in its own private garden close to our house.  On arrival cats are kept in the indoor area with their own bed, food/water and litter tray, the following day if we feel they are settled and while we are in the cattery with them we leave the door to their private quarters open so they have the option of venturing into the communal indoor/outdoor area if they wish and in their own time.  The indoor area is tiled and the outdoor area is paved and has lots of ramps and walk aroundl ledges as well as platforms to look out from onto the garden at the many birds and insects or simply bask in the sun whilst still in the safety of a well fenced area.  Cat numbers are kept to a realistic number so as not to overcrowd, we can also offer an alternative area completely separte with individual spaces for your cat if you do not wish him/her to be in a communal cattery, this area is totally indoors and avialable on request.  Current vaccinations required before entry.  Cattery hours are by appointment only, for inquiries please phone Beverly directly on ph 021 744 300 .