Frequently Asked Questions.


What are the vaccination requirements?
We require K9 5in1, Lepto, and Bordetella, to be current with the last 12 months and at least 7 days prior to arrival.  (Please note we accept the 3 year K9 5in1 vaccine now used by most vets.)

Can I view the facility?
Yes, we are happy to show you through by appointment prior to your dogs arrival.

What do I need to bring?
Your dogs vaccination card and if required any special food or medication your dog is currently on.

What about  toys and bedding?
Bedding, bowls, leads, toys and food is all included in our price, however you may bring a favourite  toy if you wish.  We are happy for you to leave a blanket for you dog but we ask if it could be clearly labeled and easy to wash and dry.

How do you socialize the dogs?
Socializing is done selectively by experienced dog handlers  in maximum groups of six and only with dogs of a similar age, nature, size and breed, this ensures maximum safety yet still allows your dog the right to mix with other K9’s just as they would have interacted with their litter mates.  If the owner prefers their dog not to socialize we have a separate exercise area for their dog to run and/or play ball in with a handler

Do you offer discount  for long-stay dogs?
Yes, during off-peak times we offer discount for dogs staying one month or more.

When do I pay?
During Peak times full payment on entry is required, however off-peak a part payment on drop-off and balance on pick-up can be arranged.

How do the charges work?
Just like a hotel we charge from the DAY your dog arrives regardless of your choosen drop-off time. (we recommend an AM drop-off  if possible to give your dog the day to settle in.)  You will not be charged on the day of pick-up if your dog is collected before 10am Mon-Sun, however if your dog is collected in our afternoon pickup hours you will be charged for that day. 

What are your Pick-up and Drop-off times:
MON – SUN                 8 – 10 am          and          3 – 5 pm
7.30am drop-off  available by appointment.

Please note these hours comply with council requirements to minimize the disturbance of dogs already settled in the facility.